Medical alert systems

Linear System

An affordable option for homebound individuals

  • Range of 300 feet
  • Landline or cellular
  • No equipment to buy
  • Long life battery
$ 31 95 /mo


  • Round-the-clock assistance in any emergency
  • Wireless systems allow independence (The medical alert includes a two-way calling station and a choice of necklace, belt clip or bracelet)
  • Six month minimum
  • $31.95 per month

Protect your loved ones and give yourself peace of mind

A medical alert from WH Security is designed to protect you and your loved ones 24 hours a day. The product is worn either on the wrist or around the neck, and contains a simple button. When assistance is needed due to a medical concern or emergency, the person may push the button and will receive an immediate response.

Dispatchers are on duty to take the call 24 hours a day. If necessary, emergency responders will be dispatched, and your family will be notified. Monitoring is $31.95 a month and there is no long-term contract requirement. A personal medical alert will help to maintain independence, while providing peace of mind for your loved ones.