Environmental hazards

Flood and sump pump water-damage prevention

Springtime can become awfully expensive should your suffer damages to your home from flooding or a failing sump pump. Learn how you can avoid such perils, and limit the amount of damage done in the event of an environmental emergency. 

What is carbon monoxide poisoning?

Learn why carbon monoxide is dangerous to your health and how carbon monoxide detectors and alarms work.

Why you should consider low temperature sensors

Low temperature sensors can help prevent damage causes by frozen pipes.

Protect your family with carbon monoxide gas detectors

When it comes to life safety devices, the carbon monoxide gas detector has gained a significant amount of traction in the last few years, as the benefits of the device become more and more evident. [...]

Protect your home from CO this winter

Making your home a safe environment involves more than just preventing burglaries. You may want to consider installing additional sensors – such as carbon monoxide (CO) sensors – that help protect your home from other dangers. [...]

Freeze sensors protect against frozen pipes

During the cold winter months, it’s important to think about the effect weather can have on your home.

Protecting my memorabilia with water sensors

I wonder if anyone has a basement like mine?

I’m a pack rat. I have been for years. I save stuff that is sentimental to me. I have everything from the favorite doll my daughter had when she was young, to old articles from my high school newspaper. [...]