Options for home security systems

Are you considering home security? The process can be confusing, but doesn't need to be. Walk through the steps in this blog to determine the options that best fit your needs.

How does home monitoring security systems work?

Learn how WH Security's home monitoring security systems work.

Why WH Security will be upgrading from 2G cellular communication to 3G

Learn why WHSecurity will be upgrading from 2Gcellular communication to 3Gand what you need to do.

Why it is important to update your security system contact information

As a valued customer of WH Security, we would like to remind you to update your key holder contact information.

What to consider before installing a DIY video surveillance system

Learn what to consider before installing a DIY home surveillance camera.

Tips for installing home security cameras

Are you considering a home security system? Here are some great tips for installing home security cameras and creating the best video surveillance possible.

Best practices for home monitoring

 Learn about best practices for home monitoring here.

Security sytem monitoring

When you decide to install a home security system, in addition to deciding what types of sensors will work best for your needs, you should also consider who will be monitoring your system. [...]