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Why you should consider service plans

A service plan can help protect you from unexpected expenses and more.

I just wanted to mention a topic that many people don’t realize is an option: service plans or maintenance plans. These are sometimes overlooked by consumers, partly due to the mindset of not wanting more plans to deal with.

A couple reasons to consider a service plan stems from our budgets. When trying to plan for the unexpected it can be very challenging as we obviously do not know what expenses are coming our way. A service plan can help in the sudden need for maintenance.

One plan may be to simply cover the trip and labor charges, which at times can add up depending on the per-hour billing rates and the amount of time the service personnel needs to make repairs. Another may be a maintenance plan, which might cover trip, labor and parts (either some or all). Companies may give these options consideration to the customer’s budgeting and the scope of coverage for equipment.

Taking service plans into serious consideration is something I always do when purchasing items of technology, which in today’s world can be virtually everything from alarm systems to our new smart refrigerator. When I look at the service plan, I always look at exactly what it covers. Read it carefully, as there are many variations out there and getting your money’s worth is very important.

Service plans are different than a manufacturer’s warranty, which are usually built into the purchase price for a set period of time. The option for a service plan usually bares a fee, whether once up front or on a reoccurring basis. A few examples are, monthly, quarterly or annual payments.

I suggest checking with your service provider to see if they have such options. To inquire with WH Security, simply call (763) 477-3664 or email us at and we will be glad to explain our options in detail.

A service plan can help protect you from unexpected expenses and more