Child safey

Internet safety tips for families

Helpful tips to keep your family safe while using the Internet

Preparing your children with back to school safety tips

Help children smoothly transition back into the school year by reviewing safety tips with them.

Can a security system help me track my teenager?

Are you concerned about what your teenager is doing while you’re not around? Do you want to make sure they don’t sneak out at night? A security system can definitely help with these concerns. [...]

The benefits of having multiple access codes for your security system

Whenever I install an alarm system, I take pride in teaching its users the system’s capabilities – and it all starts with the access code. Most customers don’t know that there are many ways to utilize your access code that will make your system more secure. [...]

Fun things parents can do with an interactive security system

Do you have teenagers at home for the summer, like I do? Are you worried they will spend too much time playing video games?  Well I certainly am, and I have dreamed up a wild “security solution” to resolve this fear. [...]