Interactive Security Services

Keep an eye on the kids

School’s out for summer and so are the kids. If your children are old enough to be left home during the day, consider a home security camera to be your eyes and ears while you’re away.'s Mobile app from WH Security

Want to control your security system from a mobile device? Find out how's interactive services can make that possible.

How you can enhance your home security system with Geo-Services

With WH Security and's Geo-Services, there is opportunity for increased functionality to your security system with no additional equipment. 

Control your home’s lighting with WH Security’s Interactive Security Services

Learn how to control your home's lighting.

Control your home with’s mobile phone app

Through WH Security’s Interactive Security Services, you can access features of your home remotely via the Internet. This includes your lights, locks, thermostat, security system functions and video equipment all through the use of a mobile phone app.

How remote thermostat control is beneficial

Remote thermostat control allows users to access their thermostat remotely through the Internet or a mobile device. Read to find out more.

Why pairing a cellular communicator device with your alarm system is beneficial

Learn how removing a traditional phone service can impact your residential alarm system.

Implementing cabin security system for while away

Learn how to keep your cabin secure while away for extended periods of time.