Family safety

Keep an eye on the kids

School’s out for summer and so are the kids. If your children are old enough to be left home during the day, consider a home security camera to be your eyes and ears while you’re away.

Three safety tips for Valentine’s Day…and a little fun

Many couples spend Valentine’s Day out of their homes enjoying a romantic date. It’s not a secret. We all know it, and burglars know it too. We’d like to share three tips to keep your home and property safe while you focus on the ones you love.

Fire safety tips

October is a great time to go over some fire safety tips and evacuation plans with your family. 

Two simple options for peace of mind

Medical alerts are a great way to maintain independence and ensure peace of mind. 

Winter safety tips for seniors

Winter poses all sorts of hazards, especially for the elderly. Take a look at some tips that can help you remain safe this winter.

Add peace of mind with a wellness solution program

Learn how your loved one can lead an independent life from the safety of their home and ensure their well-being with a wellness solution program. 

Remember to protect your pets from carbon monoxide as well as your family

Carbon monoxide is poisonous for animals as well as humans, so protect your pets and family with CO sensors.

Senior safety tips

A medical alert system can literally save lives, but even with the system, you or your loved one can take extra precautions to prevent medical emergencies.