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Family Safety

Six state fair safety tips for families

August 20, 2018 Child Safety

It’s fair season and there are several safety measures you can take to make sure your family is safe if you get separated. This is especially important when attending larger events like the Minnesota State Fair where the crowds are huge and there is a lot of stimulation for children.

Who's protecting your pets while you're away?

July 16, 2018 Pet Safety

Many of us have a furry or feathered friend at home, such as a dog, cat, bird or hamster. But who’s looking out for them while you’re away?

Keep an eye on the kids

School’s out for summer and so are the kids. If your children are old enough to be left home during the day, consider a home security camera to be your eyes and ears while you’re away.

Three safety tips for Valentine's Day...and a little fun

February 13, 2018 Family safety

Many couples spend Valentine’s Day out of their homes enjoying a romantic date. It’s not a secret. We all know it, and burglars know it too. We’d like to share three tips to keep your home and property safe while you focus on the ones you love.

Fire safety tips

October 24, 2016 Family safety

October is a great time to go over some fire safety tips and evacuation plans with your family.