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Which security camera is right for you?

We’ve all seen security cameras that show the view from the front door of the house or look out into the backyard. WH Security installs many of these cameras, however there is another solution that might be more helpful.

The latest video technology can record events when there is motion in the form of a pixel change on the camera screen. This means that if a delivery person moves into the video frame, if a car drives down the street or if a bird flies in front of the camera, an event will be recorded and a notification will be sent to your email or phone. WH Security installs many of these cameras, however there is another solution that might be more helpful.

Video systems are set up to record on motion events that the client wants to see.  Most all cameras have a "motion" component, which is a great technology for those wanting an overall view of what’s going on at a property. But if you live on a busy street or entertain a whole flock of birds (and squirrels) at your feeder, you might not want to sift through the hundreds of recorded events you’ll get daily.

Tripwire camera from

Video systems with analytics are becoming more and more popular as they help limit the number of events a camera picks up. With a tripwire system, the customer can designate a specific digital line and the video system will only trigger to record when something crosses that line fully. For example, you might set your trip line to be a specific point across your driveway. This way, the video system won’t record an event when cars drive down the road, only when they enter your driveway.

With these competitively priced video systems, you can also set the size an object needs to be in order to set it off. This helps avoid recording birds and squirrels, but still allows you to record people and vehicles entering your property.

License plate camera from Dahua

WH Security also offers a higher-end cameras with video technology for license plate recognition. These are more widely used by businesses who want to see who is coming and going. License plate cameras zoom in close in a specific area and record license plates of cars. Often times these cameras need to be supplemented with a motion/activity camera that has a wider angle to show the context of what is happening.

While you can buy several different cameras systems at your local big-box retailer, take a look up at the ceiling and see what cameras they’re using. You won’t find the same cameras that they sell on their shelves because they want better quality than that, and you should too.

WH Security offers all the latest video technology to protect you, your home and your business. Learn more on our website ( or give us a call today at 763.477.3664 to find out more about our security cameras, which are monitored 24/7 by a local team of professionals and can be checked from a smart device.