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Want to control your security system from a mobile device? Find out how's interactive services can make that possible.

WH Security is pleased to offer interactive services and home control options through, which allows your security system to communicate with the monitoring center through a cellular signal.

Cellular signals are extremely reliable, and provide an added benefit of being able to communicate back to you through your mobile device or computer.

Additionally, everyone with cellular technology has the benefit of being able to arm and disarm their security systems, and keep track of their home through an Internet connection. Control of your home can be done by using the mobile app, or on your desktop computer. Mobile App The app is free to use for any customer.Some practical examples of when I’ve used the app at my house include: getting home from grocery shopping and disarming my security system when I pull into the garage. I can then carry my groceries into the house without having to fumble with the alarm panel. Or, if I forget to arm my system and remember after I get to work, I simply pull up the app on my phone an arm it from my desk. You can also choose to get a text message when any event happens, such as a family member arming or disarming the system. This is useful if you have a child coming home from school. service comes with the ability to turn the alarm on or off and check the arming status. It also comes with Geo-Services features. If you have advanced services (called Gold), you will also be able to do things like view videos and live streams of your home, set your thermostat, lock or unlock your doors, and turn on lights from a mobile device.

The mobile app is a free, powerful tool to add value to your WH Security system. For more information about enrolling in, please call (763) 477-3664 today or submit a request for information via our web form.