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Protect your home from environmental hazards with an Alula environmental sensor package

Do you worry about pipes freezing, a fire starting, or other environmental hazard occurring while you are traveling or away from home? Environmental sensors are designed to alert you and a monitoring center when a hazard is detected so you and emergency services can act. WH Security is now offering the Alula environmental package as a quick and easy way to protect your home.

The Alula environmental package includes:

  • One water and temperature sensor that will alert you when it detects water and extreme temperatures — over 100 and under 45 degrees F.
  • One carbon monoxide sensor.
  • One smoke sensor.
  • One panel and keypad.
  • Quick and wireless installation.

24/7 security monitoring

Our environmental sensors are monitored to ensure your alarms are quickly resolved and properly routed and prioritized. WH Security systems are monitored 24/7 by WH International Response Center located in Rockford, MN who will quickly respond, contact you and if necessary, dispatch emergency services to your home. If you miss the non-emergency call, the monitoring center will alert your list of back up contacts so action can be taken.

This package can be added to a security system, but it is not required. Call us at 763.477.3664 or GET A FREE QUOTE on our website to schedule an installation and ensure your home is safe this winter before heading south.