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Heather Reinhart

Heather Reinhart is a communications specialist at WH Security. Heather received her Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Drawing from her communications background, Heather provides the company with creative insights and attention to detail. In addition to her work at WH Security, she enjoys photography, running and spending time with family and friends.

Articles by Heather Reinhart

New medical alert for on-the-go individuals

September 16, 2020 Personal Safety

WH Security is pleased to announce a new on-the-go medial alert solution designed to protect our clients with the push of a button.

Keep an eye on your home from anywhere

August 6, 2020 Interactive systems

Control your security system remotely from anywhere there is an internet connection with WH Security’s home automation options.

Five quick trips to consider this summer

This summer, many events we enjoy have been canceled and places we love are closed. This provides a great opportunity to explore something new! Here are a few destinations that are open for you to consider.

What exactly is a technology sunset and are you prepared?

June 1, 2020 Home Security

It seems everyone wants the latest and greatest technology and faster connections. To make this happen in a cost-effective and efficient manner, cellular companies across the United States are beginning to sunset their 3G networks in favor of LTE technologies.

How does a flood sensor work

May 5, 2020 Environmental Hazards

WH Security provides two main types of water sensors to help protect what matters most and limit the amount of damage done in the event of an environmental emergency.