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John Truenow

John Truenow

Articles by John Truenow

Environmental sensors provide peace of mind

December 7, 2017 Interactive systems

Many of us think of an alarm or security system as a way to catch an intruder or to prevent an intruder from gaining access to our property. In fact, there are many other aspects to a security system that should be considered.

Is your home protected against poisonous carbon monoxide?

October 25, 2017 Environmental Hazards

Fall is the ideal time to check your existing CO detectors or consider adding them to your home.

The benefits of internet protocol (IP) communication

June 21, 2017 Interactive systems

Learn how internet protocol communication can enhance your security system.

Tips when considering video surveillance

September 29, 2016 Equipment

Pairing video surveillance with your WH Security system can add another layer of protection and peace of mind.

Home security tips before going on vacation

July 1, 2016 Home Security

Before going away on a vacation, make sure your home is safe and secure with some of these tips.