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Best practices for home monitoring

Learn about best practices for home monitoring here.

Home security systems together with home monitoring, can play a valuable role in monitoring the perimeter of your house and providing alerts during emergencies. Let’s explore the various aspects of home monitoring that can keep you, your family and even your pets safe.

The first step in establishing home monitoring is to install a security system. WH Security’s custom home security alarm systems not only provide the user with the tools needed to monitor their home, but WH Security offers additional environmental features that watch for flood, fires, low temperatures and carbon monoxide. In addition, WH Security offers a variety of additional sensors, such as glass break and window or door sensors that can detect intrusions and be customized to your needs.

Continuous home monitoring is available whenever you aren’t home. WH Security offers home monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from WH Security’s monitoring center in Rockford, Minnesota. At the first sign of problem, the security system can help before you’re even aware. The security system will alert the monitoring center who will then notify the appropriate individual. Professionals are watching over your home and prepared to handle emergencies when you are away.

While all home security companies offer basic home monitoring, WH Security takes home security to another level by offering remote home monitoring. The interactive system through WH Security is called, “Control My Home”. Remote monitoring, such as “Interactive Security Services,” is an excellent home monitoring practice because it allows the home-owner to use their Smartphone, iPad, computer or any web-enabled device to see the status of your home security system. Features of remote monitoring include being able to view your home via cameras installed at the property as well as controlling with lights, locks, outlets and adjusting thermostats.

With WH Security’s home security systems, you can also be contacted by email, text or cell phone whenever there has been an incident in your home. Taking precautions and having the ability to check on your home, family or pet, 24 hours a day from almost anywhere is the highest level of home monitoring available.