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Do pets and security systems mix?

Learn how your pets can benefit from you owning a home security system.

Pets and security systems can mix. In fact, your pet(s) can actually benefit from you owning a home security system. Often, people think that owning indoor pets that move around during the day will be a problem, therefore prohibiting them from installing a security system. There are solutions to this, and it is possible to have a security system that not only works in harmony with your pets, but is a benefit to them as well.

WH Security systems are designed to set up a safety perimeter around your house through the use of door and window sensors. Our door and window sensors are triggered by the act of opening a door or window – and are not impacted by motion inside the home. These devices will protect you and your pets even when they are moving around. As long as your pet hasn’t figured out how to open the window or door, you are safe to install window and door sensors.

Other add-ons to your home security system like smoke sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, and flood sensors will be a benefit to your pet. If you are away and there is a fire in your home, nobody would be there to hear the traditional smoke alarms. But if you choose to have monitored smoke alarms through WH Security, dispatchers as well as the authorities will be notified as soon as the smoke sensors go off. This is another way to not only protect your home from damage, but also your pet. Add-ons such as smoke, carbon monoxide and flood sensors, do not increase the cost of your monthly monitoring. For the small cost of installing these devices, you, your home and pets can be protected from many potential Environmental Hazards for as long as your own your system. Indoor pets do not pose any risk of setting off these sensors accidentally.

Motion detectors placed inside the home can be a challenge with indoor pets. Motion detectors work like a human eye – they can look around a room in many directions. They are designed to pick up warmth and movement. Many times a day your dog or cat may be doing just that - walking through a room. When animals are present in a home, if there are certain areas they do not go in (such as if they stay on a certain level or in certain rooms, we can put the motion detectors in room(s) where do not go. If they have free roam of your home, we will suggest additional security measures around the perimeter of your home, and potentially eliminate the use of motion detectors. We have a variety of other home security system features such as glass break sensors, and screen sensors. We have solutions to ensure you are protected even if motion detectors are not used.

The best way to find the custom solution that works for your family and pets is to have a WH Security representative out to your home. We are a local Minnesota home security company. We offer free, no obligation consultations. You can show us your home, size of pet, and any areas of concern. We will design a system that is right for you, with the level of protection you desire. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation! (763) 477-3664 , or visit our request information page.