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Keep up-to-date with trends and security issues that may impact your home or business.

Personal Safety

Keep an eye on the kids

School’s out for summer and so are the kids. If your children are old enough to be left home during the day, consider a home security camera to be your eyes and ears while you’re away.

Summer Fire Safety

June 26, 2014 Personal Safety

Learn how to keep you and your family safe when near fires this summer.

Cellular service solutions for medical alert systems

May 22, 2014 Personal Safety

Did you know you can have a medical alert system without a landline? Read to find out more.

Home safety tips for seniors

December 20, 2013 Personal Safety

Read a variety of tips on how seniors can stay safe in their homes.

Holiday safety tips from police

November 22, 2013 Personal Safety

Stay safe this holiday season by following safety tips.