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Keep up-to-date with trends and security issues that may impact your home or business.

Burglary & Loss Prevention

Overhead garage door security

Do you know how to protect your garage? Learn about garage door security, including sensors and interactive alarm systems.

Burglary Prevention Tips and Facts

Information on burglary prevention and some interesting facts you may not know.

How to prevent burglars during the holidays

November 29, 2012 Burglary & Loss Prevention

When you work for a security company one is often asked how to prevent burglars from entering homes. This is especially important during the holiday season, which presents waiting under the tree....

Why would I want an alarm in my window screen?

Most people with home security systems choose to include door and window sensors to protect their homes from intrusion. That way, if a door or window is opened, the alarm will trigger. But what if you want to have your windows open while your system is activated, and still be protected? Screen sensors from WH Security can help you do just that! [...]

What burglars look for when trying to break into a home

Having your home broken into is a scary thing that no homeowner wants to think about. Yet, burglaries happen to 2 million homeowners each year in the United States. [...]