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Keep up-to-date with trends and security issues that may impact your home or business.


Why you should consider service plans

July 15, 2015 Equipment

A service plan can help protect you from unexpected expenses and more.

What to do when your home security system alarm is beeping

April 30, 2014 Equipment

Learn what to do if your home security system alarm is beeping.

The value of wireless home security systems

February 13, 2014 Equipment

Learn about the benefits of wireless home security systems.

Local Company, Local Know-how, Local Security

August 31, 2011 Equipment

Safety, trust and peace of mind come from working with a local home security company that hires security experts who are familiar with your neighborhood.

Keypads: an essential part of a home security system

August 22, 2011 Equipment

It’s amazing how alarm systems have changed over the years. When alarm systems originally came on the market, the keypad or “user interface” was quite large and elementary. These keypads were very basic with few customization options. [...]