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How you can enhance your home security system with Geo-Services

With WH Security and's Geo-Services, there is opportunity for increased functionality to your security system with no additional equipment.

Have you ever left your home, shut the garage and later realized you forgot to arm your home security system, wishing it would have done it automatically? Maybe you have even dreamed about your thermostat updating to a warmer temperature on your way home so that you could avoid returning to a cold house. These dreams can now be a reality with’s Geo-Services!

Geo-Services enhance your current home security system by allowing you to build in rules to your home security system. With Geo-Services, you or your family members can automate home settings and initiate additional notifications based on the location of you or your family members' smartphones relative to the Geo-Fence you have specified. A Geo-Fence is simply an area around the location. For example, 30 miles around your home.

Some things you can do with Geo-Fencing include:

  • Have your thermostat temperature turn up when you "enter" your Geo-Fence area.
  • Receive a notification if you have not armed your security system when you leave your Geo-Fence.
  • Set your video system to stop recording when you are at home, within your Geo-Fence.

With WH Security and’s Geo-Services, there is opportunity for increased functionality with no additional equipment. To learn more, call a security specialist at 763.477.3664.