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Keep up-to-date with trends and security issues that may impact your home or business.

Interactive Systems

Keep an eye on your home from anywhere

August 6, 2020 Interactive systems

Control your security system remotely from anywhere there is an internet connection with WH Security’s home automation options.

Five quick trips to consider this summer

This summer, many events we enjoy have been canceled and places we love are closed. This provides a great opportunity to explore something new! Here are a few destinations that are open for you to consider.

Looking for smart home products?

February 7, 2020 Interactive systems

You’ve seen the commercials on television or the actors on your favorite shows controlling their home with their smart devices. But did you know that WH Security sells all of these smart home products?

Use high-speed technology to protect your family

January 24, 2020 Interactive systems

In today’s world, everything is fast. When you apply this kind of technology to your security system, that same fast speed can help you protect what matters most.

The benefits of an interactive thermostat

August 9, 2019 Interactive systems

An interactive thermostat is a great addition to your security system as it provides an easy-to-use energy management solution for your home or business.