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Internet safety tips for families

Helpful tips to keep your family safe while using the Internet

As technology has improved over the years, so has the availability of Internet access. Wi-Fi is widely offered on portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets. While having the Internet at our fingertips is a wonderful resource, it can also pose hazards to children and teens. A few examples of these dangers include cyber bullying, contact with predators and viewing inappropriate content. To keep children and teens safe, it is important to review and practice internet safety tips.

Before I review internet safety tips, first let’s begin with some eye-opening statistics I found on a website,, in regards to internet safety for children and teens:

  • 93 percent of children and teens (12-17) go online
  • Of the children (0-5) who use the internet, 80 percent use it at least once a week
  • 97 percent of children and teens (12-17) play games on the computer
  • 27 percent of children and teens (12-17) play games with people they don’t know online
  • 73 percent of children and teens (12-17) have profiles on social networking site
  • 47 percent of children and teens (12-17) have uploaded photos; while 14 percent have posted videos

To keep your family safe while using the Internet, follow these internet safety tips:

  • Remind children and teens not to post photos with personal information such as their name, address and phone numbers.
  • Teach them the dangers associated with social media websites frequently used such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.
  • Remind children and teens not to share their passwords with anyone but their parents.
  • Manage your children and teen’s time on the Internet and look for habits of late night surfing.
  • Teach children and teens to never respond to harassing or online messages or e-mails from people they don’t know.
  • Keep computers, laptops and tablets out of bedrooms. They should be kept in open public areas only.
  • Be sure that children and teens are aware that email attachments or downloaded software can sometimes contain viruses.

Using these internet safety tips will help keep you and your family safe. For any of your other home security needs, contact a representative at (763) 477-3664 .