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Is a medical alert system needed for a loved one?

Learn about the common signs that your loved one may need a medical alert system and how WH Security can help.

The process of aging can be a slow and sneaky reality. Aging can tiptoe into lives largely concealed. The problem, however, is that aging is often associated with medical conditions that remain unknown until the ailment becomes serious. So, what can we do to help our aging loved ones through the process? The answer lies in providing them with the tools they need, including a medical alert system. Your elderly loved ones with medical conditions can live independently in their homes without needing caregiver assistance.

First off, the elderly oftentimes do not identify or voice their struggles to others. As a caregiver, it is important to assess their unique living situation and look for indicators that your loved one may need a medical alert system.

Common Signs:

  • Physical weakness: Your loved one has difficulty getting up from a seated position.
  • Forgetfulness: The individual forgets to turn off the stove, take their medication or lock a door, which could all lead to an emergency situation.
  • Decreased mobility: The individual uses a wheelchair, walker or cane. They may also slip, trip or lose their balance. According to The Centers for Disease Control, “One in three seniors will experience a dangerous fall every year, and these seniors are two times more likely to suffer a repeat fall.”
  • Medical conditions: Aside from falls, the elderly individual may have arthritis, osteoporosis or vision problems that can hinder their daily lifestyle.

How WH Security can help:

A medical alert system from WH Security (a Minnesota Medical Alert company) can provide security and independence. As a caregiver, you will have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is protected while living alone and being at home for long periods of time.

The medical alert system includes two parts: a two-way calling station ordinarily placed beside a bed, and an emergency button that is worn as a necklace, bracelet or belt clip. If an incident occurs, the emergency button either on the two-way calling station or the worn device should be pushed. When the emergency button is pushed, an alarm signals WH Security’s monitoring center, notifying an emergency responder immediately.

In addition, medical alerts include free in-home installation, service calls, and around the clock assistance in any emergency. For more information, call a WH Security representative at (763) 477-3664 or visit our medical alert system page.