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Maximizing energy efficiency in your home with your security system

Achieving maximum energy efficiency has never been easier than with interactive features through WH Security.

Saving money and energy go hand in hand, and with the technology of today, your security system plays a vital role in maximizing energy efficiency in your home.

It used to be that if you left a light or an appliance turned on you were stuck paying that wasted energy. The same goes for failing to adjust your thermostat. But Interactive Security Services from literally allows you to control different facets of your house from a mobile device or website, and can turn it into an energy-conserving machine.

Guys, worried your wife will yell at you for leaving the coffee pot on again? Ladies, are you trying to avoid explaining to your husband why the curling iron you forgot to turn off melted the countertop and toothbrush holder?

With home automation through Interactive Security Services, you can access the outlets in your home and remotely activate or deactivate them if the aforementioned scenarios are a worry for you, or any other wasteful, or dangerous, instances.

Likewise, the value of controlling your thermostat from your phone cannot be overstated. Electronic thermostats with adjustable temperature schedules are not new. But the ability to adjust the temperature or change your thermostat’s schedule from outside your home was unavailable until they were integrated with security systems.

But thermostat features don’t just stop there. With the extreme temperature feature, your thermostat can automatically change your home’s temperature to reduce energy waste when drastic changes in climate occur.

Do you like to leave a light on for a pet, or for when you get home in the evening? No longer do you have to leave it on all day, as you can create custom lighting schedules for your home that are adjustable from your mobile device.

As you can see, maximizing energy efficiency in your home is a lot easier with an interactive security system. But if you weren’t convinced yet, take a look at this short video that offers even more information on the subject: .

Achieving maximum energy efficiency has never been easier than with interactive features through WH Security.