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Take peace of mind wherever you go with a medical alert from WH Security

Take peace of mind wherever you go with a medical alert from WH Security. We offer in-home and on-the-go solutions to help you or your loved ones stay independent.

Our in-home medical alert can be worn either on the wrist or around the neck and works with a single button. Fall detection pendants are also available, which automatically sense the action of a fall. When a fall is detected or the button is pressed, our 24/7 monitoring center will be alerted. Our in-home medical alert is ideal for homebound individuals. It offers:

  • Round-the-clock assistance.
  • A wireless system.
  • Two-way voice communication.
  • Choice of necklace or bracelet.
  • Fall detection (pendant only).

Our on-the-go medical alert works through cellular communication and is assisted by GPS and Wi-Fi location services. This allows the user to go almost anywhere as long as there is a signal available for the device to communicate the emergency. This solution includes:

  • Round-the-clock assistance.
  • Two-way voice communication.
  • Fall detection.
  • Water resistant – can be worn in the shower.
  • Four-day battery life.

WH Security medical alerts are monitored 24/7 by WH International Response Center located in Rockford, MN who will quickly respond, contact the user and if necessary, dispatch emergency services to provide assistance.

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