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Overhead garage door security

Do you know how to protect your garage? Learn about garage door security, including sensors and interactive alarm systems.

When it comes to security for overhead garage doors, there are several different opinions. It can be challenging to accommodate an individual’s needs to protect their property. Many people have a significant need to protect what’s in the garage while others don’t see the need for garage door security.

I have sensors on my overhead garage doors due to wanting to ensure I protect what is inside. My feeling is that the garage door sensors add another layer of protection against theft and conveniently come with several different set-up options. There are two ways to set up these sensors. The first option is to allow just enough time to get in and out of a vehicle during the arming/disarming process. Another option is to have no delay on the overhead door(s). With this option, you simply arm your system after backing your car out and closing the door. Then disarm the system when you arrive back before you open the door(s). With the overhead doors protected, the items in the garage have a much better chance of staying secure when left unattended.

Overhead door sensors come in several options to accommodate many styles of doors. Garage door sensors can be installed on the floor, track or door itself. Track mounted devices can be quick and easy, making this a very popular choice.

Another option for monitoring your garages door(s) is with interactive alarm system with services powered through When you have interactive services you can monitor if your door is left open too long or if it isn’t closed. The system will email or text you with the “sensor left open” notification, helping you to secure your property. This feature could be a very valuable asset to you and your belongings. has many features and programming options to customize your interactive alarm system to work exactly as you desire.

Using your alarm system with interactive services will allow you to have up-to -date status and control. With an interactive alarm system you have sensors on your overhead doors with little or no added steps to take while arming or disarming the alarm.'

To see if your alarm system has the ability to add overhead door(s), as well as additional interactive services for garage door security, call a WH Security professional at 763.477.3664.