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Prevent costly damage with a water and temperature sensor

Heavy rain can cause water damage in the basement, costing homeowners and insurance companies thousands of dollars in repairs. WH Security offers a solution — a combination water and temperature sensor that can be installed at little to no additional cost to your monthly monitoring. This combination sensor will alert you when it detects water and extreme temperatures — over 100 and under 45° F. This sensor is waterproof and wireless for easy installation and has titanium probes to prevent corrosion.

The water sensor is placed at or near the floor where leaks or floods are most likely to occur. When water touches the sensor, it is triggered and notifies the 24/7 monitoring center, which notifies you immediately. This allows you to take the necessary action to prevent damage.

WH Security also offers water sensors for sump pumps. When water rises too high in your sump well, the sensor flips up triggering an alarm, and will notify you your sump pump has stopped working.

If you own a vacation home or cabin that remains vacant for long periods of time, installing these sensors is a great way to protect your property without incurring additional monthly fees. Contact WH Security at 763.477.3664 to learn more about water sensors and how they can help prevent unnecessary stress this spring and to add water sensors to your security system.