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Protect your home at all times with monitored smoke detectors from WH Security

Monitored smoke detectors are a valuable asset when it comes to home safety, especially since your alarm does not need to be set for them to work.

October is National Fire Prevention Month, and we admit that when it comes to fire safety and the subject of smoke detectors it can be confusing at times. There are many brands out there touting they are the best. While any smoke detector is better than none, monitored smoke detectors through your home security system offer a lot more protection for your home and family.

Regular smoke detectors are great for alerting you to a fire when you’re home, but what about when you’re away from your residence? Monitored smoke alarms notify the security monitoring center whenever an alarm is triggered, regardless of whether your alarm is set. I have monitored smoke detectors in my home, and consider them life-safety devices because they are monitored 24 hours a day.

Alarm system smoke detectors typically use “photoelectric” technology, which means the device is looking for a particular type of smoke in the air to activate the sensor. In turn, the alarm system will activate and send the signal to the monitoring center for proper response, whether your alarm is activated or not.

But a smoke alarm is only effective when properly placed and installed, and layout in the home is very important. I have multiple devices throughout my home, which helps to increase early detection. You should place smoke detectors inside each bedroom and on every floor of your home, and they should be placed high on the wall or on the ceiling. And please remember to clean your smoke detectors at least once a year to ensure proper functionality.

Insurance companies will oftentimes give an additional discount for having monitored smoke detectors in the home, which can help with the cost of the system and devices.

To inquire about smoke detection for your home please call us at (763) 477-3664, or visit the WH Security website, and we will be happy to assist in any way.

Monitored smoke detectors are a great way to keep your loved ones safe.