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Protect your home with an environmental sensor

Water leaks cost homeowners and insurance companies billions of dollars every year. You can avoid costly repairs by adding a temperature and water sensor to your security system. This combination sensor will alert you when it detects water and extreme temperatures — over 100 and under 45 degrees F. This sensor is waterproof and wireless for easy installation and has titanium probes to prevent corrosion.

The sensor is placed on or near the floor in a place where a leak or flooding might occur, such as below a sink or near the foundation of your basement and connected to your security system. When water touches it, an alarm is triggered and notifies our 24/7 monitoring center. The monitoring center staff reach out to you so that you can take action.

WH Security also offers water sensors for sump pumps. When water rises too high in your sump well, the sensor flips up to notify you your sump pump has stop working. This is especially important when snow is melting and running into your sump pump well.

Water sensors are also great for cabins or vacation homes that sit vacant for long periods of time. No one wants to return to a summer cabin after a winter away to find water damage inside.

Water sensors are an easy addition to a security system and don’t raise your monthly monitoring fee. Call us at 763.477.3664 or contact us on our website to add a water sensor to your security system.