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Remember to protect your pets from carbon monoxide as well as your family

Carbon monoxide is poisonous for animals as well as humans, so protect your pets and family with CO sensors.

Did you know that previous to 1987 it was common practice for coal miners to carry a caged canary to alert the presence of toxic gases like carbon monoxide (CO)? If gases were present, the bird would become distressed or die, warning the miners to leave that area of the mine.

This may be sad, but it’s important to know that high CO levels are toxic for pets as well as humans.

Most people are aware of the dangers CO presents toward humans, but may not even think about CO poisoning their pets until it’s too late.

CO sensors in your home alert you and your family before a serious situation occurs, and having it monitored through your alarm system could help save the lives of your family and your pets. A monitored CO sensor from WH Security will activate your alarm and send a signal to the monitoring center, which will then alert you and the necessary authorities of the issue.

If you already have CO sensors, check the manufacturer specifications regarding the sensor’s lifespan. An outdated sensor is unreliable and can trigger false alarms or completely fail, so check your detectors regularly.

To have your security system checked, or if you have any questions regarding CO detection devices, please call 763.477.3664 or email

Protect your pets and your family with CO sensors