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WH Security cameras catch thieves one week after installation

Surveillance cameras are a great way to deter burglars and have proved useful in catching thieves - just ask Paul Archambault, CEO of Stinson Electric.

It only took a week for Paul Archambault’s WH Security system to prove itself useful at the Stinson Electric office and warehouse in New Brighton, Minn.

Archambault is the CEO for Stinson Electric, an electrical contracting company that serves the Twin Cities. He opted for a WH Security alarm system at one of his properties back in 2012 and decided to install another system with surveillance cameras at the Stinson Electric main office this past April. About a week later, Archambault’s system caught a pair of scrap metal thieves in action as they stole materials for a paint-spraying booth from his neighbor’s loading dock. Paul Archambault, CEO of Stinson Electric

“They were driving a pickup truck and, before taking it (the materials) off his dock, they drove down by our building close enough that we could get the license plate number,” Archambault recalled of the video footage. “Police used that to start an investigation.”

The first haul apparently wasn’t enough for the thieves, as they returned a week later to claim the rest of the materials they didn’t grab the first time around. Archambault’s warehouse manager saw them in action and notified him of the crime in progress. Archambault contacted the police and returned to the warehouse, where he blocked off their escape with his truck.

“It worked out perfectly,” Archambault said satisfied. “We were able to identify them, and with the video footage they (the police) were able to basically connect the two events.”
Archambault said his WH Security systems give him peace of mind, especially the ability to access his cameras in real-time via interactive services.

“As a business owner, it does give you peace of mind as far as the deterrent effect of it, and also the fact that if someone does try to vandalize or remove property from you, you have some kind of recourse,” said Archambault. “And with the interactive features, I can look at footage in two different ways. I can look at it from my desktop locally, or there’s an app I use on my smartphone or iPad. Last week, someone was supposed to return a trailer and instead of having to run over here I just used the app and saw that the trailer was sitting here.”

A WH Security surveillance camera mounted to a wooden wall. A satisfied customer of five years, Archambault said he recommends security services through WH Security.

“I’ve used WH Security as my alarm provider for five years and I feel like I’ve always gotten a fair price,” he said. “I think the techs that set it up and the kind of support they’ve given me has been very good. Even meeting with the salesperson to walk the building and get his recommendations to help cover your vulnerabilities was very helpful.”

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