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The benefits of doing business with WH Security - your local home security company

Local companies like WH Security take pride in serving the communities they work with, and it's beneficial for everyone.

When selecting a company for home security, keep in mind that local companies like WH Security can benefit you since we stake our reputation on providing high-quality service in our communities.

Because we’re local, it puts us in a position to best serve you, the fellow members of our community. When you want your home security system serviced you will be contacting our office here in Rockford, Minn. When you schedule a service appointment, you will be dealing with one of our local technicians. Local companies like WH Security take pride in serving the communities they work with.

When dealing with a large national security company, they may have to contract service for your system with any contractor they can find since they do not reside in your community. You may very well never see or speak with that technician again, leaving room for errors and miscommunication. With WH Security, your technician is just that, your technician. They will help you from beginning to end and service your system in the future.

You also have the benefit of WH International Response Center (WHIRC) monitoring your home security system. WHIRC is a nationally renowned leader in central station alarm system monitoring. And although it provides services worldwide, it’s housed in the same building as WH Security.

Building and developing a working relationship with anyone is important, especially when it comes to trusting individuals with the safety of your home. WH Security prides itself on being local and part of the community to serve and support our customers. If you are looking for a local service provider or need help with your existing system please call (763) 477-3664 or send us an email at