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The modern "smart house" and home security

What home automation is doing for your home now, and what it will look like in the future.

The modern “smart house” has a lot of cool features. It can change temperature, turn its lights on and off, and “talk” to you via text and email messages – all without you being home.

Security systems used to be thought of as simply intrusion protection, but they are now so much more. In addition to protecting you from a break-in, today’s home alarm systems also include the features mentioned above, revolutionizing your residence into a smart home.

Based on your personal settings, your security system can change your home’s temperature, either when you enter a command, or based on the distance you are away from home (with geo-services you can set your heat to turn on or off when you are within a certain distance from home).

Today’s security systems can also turn lights on and off, which is very convenient for making it appear that you’re home when you’re actually on vacation or away for an extended period of time.

Your system also interacts with you through guidelines and settings that YOU determine and customize. For example, your security system can notify you when your kids come home by sending a text when certain “disarm” codes are entered. Also, any time the system is armed or disarmed, it can show you who did so. You can be sitting at your desk at work and your home will actually text you that your kids made it home safely.

Go ahead. Give your house the hug it deserves. And during this holiday season, give yourself and your house the gift of a home automation system.

How home automation is changing the way people use home security systems.