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Tips to keep your cabin secure

Visiting your cabin or lake home is a wonderful way to spend your weekends in the Midwest. However, there will be times it will be left unoccupied leaving it vulnerable to theft and environmental hazards. Here are some tips to keep your getaway safe year-round.

  1. Secure doors and windows: Make sure all doors and windows are securely locked before leaving your cabin. Install deadbolts on exterior doors and place a sturdy stick or metal bar in the track of sliding doors and windows to prevent them from being opened from the outside.
  2. Close your curtains and blinds: An intruder is less likely to break into your cabin if they cannot see what is inside. Don't leave valuables such as jewelry, cash, or electronics visible. Store them in a safe or hidden location.
  3. Install motion activated and automated lights: Outdoor lighting can deter potential intruders by illuminating hiding spots. Install lights near all entrances and along walkways. Automated lights will give the appearance you are occupying your cabin.
  4. Keep it looking lived in: Keep your grass mowed and garden tended to so it appears occupied.
  5. Don't advertise your absence: Avoid posting about your plans to visit your cabin on social media. This can alert potential intruders that your cabin is unoccupied.
  6. Get to know your neighbors: If there are other cabins nearby, introduce yourself to your neighbors and exchange contact information. They can alert you if they notice any suspicious activity or environmental hazards like a storm or a fire.
  7. Install a monitored security system: A monitored security system provides peace of mind while you're away from your cabin and will alert you and local emergency services if necessary. Don’t forget motion sensors, door and window sensors, a loud alarm, and environmental sensors. Cameras will allow you to view your cabin remotely and give you a peek of what wildlife may be visiting your property. Be sure your security system yard sign or sticker is clearly visible.

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