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Top security trends for 2015

With emerging security trends home automation has never been more popular.

Home security trends have come a long way from the days of neighborhood watches and guard dogs. While these methods can still be effective, they pale in comparison to the technology available in today’s home security scene. The security systems of the past served as a cocoon for what has now transformed into an entirely different domain that will continue to evolve in 2015 and beyond.

Security cameras

Home security cameras burst onto the scene in the 1970s, but were primitive and expensive pieces of equipment that your average homeowner could not afford.

Today, security cameras are used by more homeowners than ever before, and are now modern-day staples of home security that are placed indoors and outdoors to protect homes and ensure the safety of loved ones.

With emerging security trends, security systems have never been more interactive

Interactive features

Interactive features have recently emerged in home security and are extremely popular because of their accessibility from mobile devices.

With interactive features, homeowners can remotely arm and disarm their security system, control and create automatic light schedules, lock and unlock doors, control their thermostat, and even access surveillance cameras, all from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

While at work, parents can use interactive features to check on their kids, and even get alerts when there’s activity inside their home, such as if a medicine, gun or liquor cabinet unexpectedly being opened. You can even get an alert when your garage door opens.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to interactive features, which is why they have become so popular.

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