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Two simple options for peace of mind

Medical alerts are a great way to maintain independence and ensure peace of mind.

Independence - it’s something all of us value. Whether it’s simply the ability to live in our own home, or the freedom to continue our normal social life in the community, independence is invaluable. But the last thing we want is to compromise safety for independence. That’s why WH Security now offers two unique medical alert systems that allow our loved ones to live their lives without risking their safety.

Our medical alert systems are professionally monitored by WH International Response Center (WHIRC) - a national leader in central station security monitoring. That means help is just a push of a button away - 24 hours a day. We offer two different types of medical alert systems that match the needs and activeness of an individual:

The Linear medical alert is ideal for those who primarily spend their time indoors. It comes with a two-way communication base and a pendant used to alert the monitoring center to an emergency situation. Linear requires a landline or cellular communicator, and has a battery life of one to two years. It can be worn as a bracelet, pendant or belt clip.

SentryPal is for the user on the go. Coverage is nationwide and it communicates through the two-way voice, water-resistant pendant. The SentryPal is powered with cellular and GPS technology, allowing you to go anywhere you like and be confident that if you need it, help is just the touch of a button away. The addition of GPS also means that WHIRC can locate the client in the event of an emergency. Subscribers may not carry their cell phone with them 100 percent of the time, and during an emergency, a complicated cell phone may not be the safest way to call for help. The SentryPal’s single button operation is the simplest way to call for help at home, at the park or anywhere they may need help. This product is excellent for: individuals that are aging in place; those with mobile or tele-health; lone worker protection; Child Safety and protection; first responders; law enforcement; and many others.

There’s no need to sacrifice independence for peace of mind. Medical alert systems ensure that you or your loved one is safe, and yet still able to enjoy a sense of freedom. For more information on medical alert systems call (763) 477-3664 or visit WH Security's medical alerts page. We have options for every individual, so you and your loved one can rest assured that help is just the push of a button away.