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Use your home security system to check in on your kids while you're away

Provide your children with a sense of safety and security while they are home alone with an interactive security system.

Do you have a child who is old enough to stay home alone? Are they at home by themselves after school, or if you run an errand? A home security system with alarm monitoring can help you and your child have peace of mind in this situation, and keep tabs on what is happening at your home.

Use your home security system to check in on your kids while you're away, and provide them with a sense of safety.

One basic way to keep track of your kids is to give each person in your family a personalized access code to your home security system. You will be able to receive a report when your system is disarmed. Additionally, you will know what time it occurred, and who disarmed it. This can be stored in your security account online, and you can elect to receive a text or email notification in real time. You can also tell if they re-armed the system, and are safe inside the home. This safety feature provides peace of mind for both the parents and kids.

Another way you can use a home security system to keep track of your kids is to install a video camera. Just focus the video camera on your front door, and it can be set to record whenever it sees motion. So when your kids are walking up to the door, the camera would sense the motion and record a clip. This way you can view the clip to make sure they weren’t having friends over, for example. This may be especially convenient with teenagers.

Finally, with door and window sensors, your system can be set to keep kids inside the house. Your alarm status can be sent to “home – stay” meaning that when you are home, and if a door or window is opened, the alarm will go off. I know someone with a child who sleep walks, and has been caught walking out the front door more than once. This technology would help guard against that. There are all kinds of families who have found creative uses for this technology.

Keeping track of your kids is important and a security system with home alarm monitoring can add value to your life and provide the most sensible safety options for your family.