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Why it is important to secure your mailbox

Learn why it is important to protect your home's mailbox.

Most of us have a mailbox, either in front of our home, or in a community-style mailbox system. Often times, community mailboxes are locked and require a key, which is a great idea and helps keep you safe. But what about the people that have a single mailbox in front of their home, or even further away, across the street?

Image showing a traditional unsecured mailbox next to a secured mailbox. Help prevent identity theft protection by securing your mailbox Traditional mailboxes have a front door with no lock. It is a federal offense to take another person’s mail and doing so can result in costly fines and jail time. However, this often does not stop opportunistic criminals. Taking mail is an easy crime and can allow a burglar to receive your credit card statement, credit card offers or intercept a check or money. Stealing mail is a common method of identity theft in the US.

To protect your mailbox – therefore, sensitive and personal information - consider the following ideas:

  • Use a PO box for all bills and sensitive mail.
  • Make sure that your mailbox is in plain site from your home. If there are trees between your mailbox and home, it makes it easier for a criminal to take your mail without being seen.
  • Check your mailbox each evening, so mail does not sit in the box overnight.
  • Place your outgoing mail in the blue postal mail bins, rather than your mailbox.
  • Consider installing a camera surveillance system to help monitor your home.
  • Use an identity theft protection service.

Protecting yourself from mail theft is an important step towards identity theft protection. WH Security offers Identity Theft Protection Services through a partnership with Zander Insurance, and is committed to helping families be as safe as possible.