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My Business. Secured.
This month
Get a water and temperature sensor FREE
with purchase of a new security system
Offer expires 5/31/2024 (certain restrictions apply)


With our business automation options and the mobile app, you can control your security system from anywhere there is an internet connection using your smartphone or tablet. You can also control your cameras, door locks, lights and thermostats.


Through the use of our interior or exterior surveillance cameras, our automation services allow you to receive video clips via email any time there is activity at your business.

Access Control

Secure important areas of your facility, track when employees enter and exit predetermined areas and set restricted access zones as needed.


Control your lighting from anywhere. Set unique lighting schedules to save energy or show the building is closed.


Raise or lower the temperature inside your business even when you’re not there from virtually any location. Closed for a holiday or remodel? Manage your thermostat while away to save on energy costs.

WH Security provided my company with many years of solid customer service. Their technicians are outstanding.

Mark Dusbabek