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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my WH Security system work?

When an emergency is detected, an armed security system will sound an audible alarm and send an alarm signal over a phone line, IP communicator or a cellular signal to WH Security's monitoring center. This alerts personnel to a possible emergency. The monitoring center then verifies the alarm and will contact you and/or the proper authorities, depending on the emergency service needed.

If you forget to arm your system, any environmental sensors you have such as smoke, CO, temperature and water sensors and more are still being monitored 24/7 and you are still being protected! With our home automation services, you can also use our mobile app to arm and disarm your system remotely. With the app, you can easily check to see if your system is armed and turn it on remotely if you've forgotten.

How do I arm/disarm my security alarm system?

Most security systems require a code to be entered and then an arm or disarm button is pressed. By selecting the “arm” feature, your security system will be waiting to detect any abnormal intrusion into your home. If you have environmental sensors, including smoke, carbon monoxide or water sensors, they are always on and ready to detect for the presence of smoke, gases or water even if your system is disarmed. We recommend you consult your user’s manual as arming and disarming varies depending on the type of system you have. If your user's manual is missing, please check here.

How do I change my alarm keypad's code?

A code allows users to arm and disarm and change security system features using the system’s keypad. Each alarm keypad is different depending on the model. Please refer to your user manual or check here to find it online.

What is an account password?

Every customer sets up a password when they purchase a security system and monitoring services from WH Security. The account password is for you and your emergency contacts to have on hand at all times. Should our monitoring center receive an alarm signal, they will contact you or one of your dedicated emergency contacts who will be required to give this password to cancel alarms. This prevents unauthorized persons from canceling the emergency alarms coming from your property.

How do I change my account password or make updates to my account?

Please contact our monitoring center anytime at 763.477.4275 or 800.858.7811 to change your account password.

How do I cancel an alarm?

Please contact our monitoring center at 763.477.4275 or 800.858.7811 to cancel an alarm. Monitoring center personnel will ask for your account password when you call. This prevents unauthorized persons from canceling the emergency alarms coming from your property.

How do I request service or technical support for my security alarm system?

For support and service during business hours, please call 763.477.3664 or 800.943.2667. If you have an after-hours emergency, please call 763.477.4275 or 800.858.7811. You can also request service online here.

What happens if I accidentally set off my alarm?

Enter your keypad code to disarm the system and stop any audible alarms. Our monitoring center will contact you on the phone number you provided, or immediately call 800.858.7811 to cancel your alarm. Let the security dispatcher know that it was your error and everything is okay. They will ask you for your account password to ensure you are not an intruder.

How can I prevent false alarms from occurring?

False alarms not only affect you, but they put unnecessary demand on emergency service departments in your community. False alarms are caused by variety of reasons the most common being user error. There are a few steps you can take to minimize false alarms sent to our monitoring center:

  • Your entire family should be familiar with the operation of your alarm system.
  • Your account password and keypad code should be stored in a safe place that is accessible by all family members.
  • Talk with WH Security if you add pets to the home. Sensors may need to be adapted so your new pets are not mistakenly detected.
  • If you have house guests, you can give them your password or set them up with their own by calling the monitoring station.

I'm going out of town and would like to designate a temporary contact person. How do I do this?

You can add a temporary contact person to your account anytime. Please call our monitoring center at 763.477.4275 or 800.858.7811 and provide them with the necessary information.

I am moving and would like to move service to my new home. How do I do this?

There are two options you can choose from. The first option is to contact our technical support department at 763.477.3664 to schedule a removal of your security system for installation into your new home. The second option is to purchase a new security system for your new home and leave the old system in your previous home.

How do I change batteries in my wireless sensors?

All wireless sensors have a tamper tab located inside the cover that prevents the cover from being tampered with easily. In order to change a battery in a sensor you first need to disarm your alarm system. Second, let the monitoring center know that you need your system to be placed in test mode by calling 763.477.4275 or .800.858.7811. Lastly, gently remove the cover from your sensor. If you have trouble removing the cover, please contact technical support during business hours by calling 763.477.3664 or 800.943.2667. You can also find how-to videos on our website.

What is bypass?

Bypass means you can shut off a certain sensor(s) in a room if you don't want that sensor/room monitored. If you want to bypass a sensor, please refer to your user's manual, download one here or contact technical support at 763.477.3664 during business hours.

How do I maintain my security system sensors?

There are several things you should do to maintain security systems sensors. These include:

Clean and test sensors frequently

It is important to vacuum and dust sensors regularly to ensure they remain in proper working condition. Smoke detectors can be cleaned by vacuuming or spraying canned air into the device.

Ensure your batteries are functioning properly

A wireless security system has a control panel and wireless sensors. The sensors operate on battery power. Your panel monitors the battery condition on any wireless sensors you have. If any batteries are low your panel will show a trouble condition on your keypad and will sound a periodic trouble beep.

The control panel is hardwired with electricity and has a back-up battery in case power is lost. The back-up battery will keep your security system operating for 12 to 24 hours without power. The control panel will send a trouble beep when your battery is low.

Ensure you are changing batteries when you receive this notification.

Why does WH Security call me when they receive an error message from my security system?

WH Security calls you when your system has error messages such as:

  • When a wireless sensor battery is low (call will only come during daytime hours)
  • When the systems' back-up battery is low (call will come day or night)
  • When sensors are not working properly
  • If there is an error in the security main panel
  • If the system has not communicated with the monitoring center at the time of its regularly scheduled test

Why is my first WH Security bill different than what I expected?

Your first security bill is prorated from the day service is activated. In addition, because WH Security bills in advance, your upcoming billing period is then included on the bill. Your billing agreement with WH Security indicates the billing cycle you have chosen, such as monthly, quarterly or yearly.

If my electricity goes out, will my security system still work?

Yes. All WH Security systems have back-up batteries. Systems communicating over IP or land line may not be able to send signals. Systems communicating over cell will communicate normally.

I am making changes to my phone service; will this affect my security system?

Yes. Before making any changes to your phone service, please contact our technical support team during business hours at 763.477.3664 to ensure there is no interruption to your coverage as your panel may communicate with the monitoring center on your phone line.

How often do I need to test my security system?

We recommend testing your system monthly to ensure it is working properly! Before you test, call our monitoring center at 800.858.7811 to place your system in test mode so we don’t think an actual emergency is occurring. Our monitoring professionals will then walk you through the steps to test your system. To learn more, check out the new how-to videos on our website and YouTube page.

Is your alarm monitoring center located in the United States?

Yes! WH Security systems and medical alerts are monitored locally by WH International Response Center (WHIRC), which is a leading national central station monitoring partner for response system dealers. The people responding to your alerts at WHIRC are local people located in Minnesota. Because they are part of our community, they care and give excellent service when you need it.

What is the difference between "Stay" and "Away" in regards to arming my security system?

When turning on your home security system, if you arm your system for Stay, it will deactivate the motion detectors so you are free to move around inside of the house while the alarm system is protecting the perimeter doors or entry doors. If you arm the system for Away, the system assumes no one is in the house. In addition to the perimeter and entry doors, the motion detectors will also be activated.