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Home or away, leave nothing to chance.
This month, buy one
freeze or flood sensor
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Offer expires 5/31/2021 (certain restrictions apply)

Fire, Flood, Gas and Freeze

Sensors in your home provide protection against disasters such as: fire and smoke, freeze damage, sump pump failure, carbon monoxide poisoning, flammable gas, flood/water damage and power outages by alerting you and our 24/7 monitoring center so action can be taken.

Fire and Smoke

Monitored smoke and fire sensors detect and alert our monitoring center so emergency personnel can be quickly dispatched to your home.

Flood and Sump Pump Failure

These sensors can detect water wherever they are placed. An alert will be triggered to notify you so action can be taken.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide sensors monitor the air quality inside your home. Since CO can’t be seen or smelled, these sensors will help ensure that CO threats won't go undetected. An alert will be triggered to notify you and our 24/7 monitoring center.


Freeze sensors can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in potential damage caused by frozen pipes. Temperature sensors are also available to detect high temperature. You will be alerted by our 24/7 monitoring center so action can be taken.

My wife and I have a security system through WH Security and have been extremely pleased with both the setup and monitoring of our system. We've had a few false alarms from the kids letting the dog out with the alarm set and the monitoring staff are always on top of it with an immediate call to be sure all is okay. I recommend WH Security to anyone looking for home security protection.

Chris M.