Keep an eye on your holiday packages with SkyBell

SkyBell is more than just a doorbell camera, it's another layer of protection.

Parade of Homes to feature WH Security

A WH Security system has been installed in a Rogers, Minnesota, house that is part of the Fall 2017 Parade of Homes.

Tips when considering video surveillance

Pairing video surveillance with your WH Security system can add another layer of protection and peace of mind. 

Now is the time to upgrade your equipment

The Federal Communications Commission has decided to phase out 2G technology by January 1, 2017. Now is the time to upgrade your equipment. 

Make it look like you're home when you're not with lighting schedules

Lighting schedules are a useful tool in home security, and they have more features than you'd think.

Why you should consider service plans

 A service plan can help protect you from unexpected expenses and more. 

What to do when your home security system alarm is beeping

Learn what to do if your home security system alarm is beeping.

The value of wireless home security systems

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