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Avoiding security system false alarms

Here are some quick tips on avoiding home security system false alarms.

While false alarms on security systems are not very common, they sometimes happen due to mechanical error, unlocked or loose doors and windows, pet activity and a variety of other reasons. If an alarm is triggered, it could result in authorities being sent to your home for no reason. Here are some quick tips for avoiding false alarms:

Door and window seals

Make sure that entry points protected with alarm sensors are closed tightly and locked before setting your alarm system. If these points are not properly sealed, they could trigger your alarm.

System users

home security system Make sure all of your family members and those who are permitted access to your home know how to properly use your home security system. Friends who agree to check in on your home while you are away should also receive training on how to use your home security system. Or, you could add WH Security’s Interactive Security Services to your alarm system. This service allows you to lock and unlock doors and turn your system on and off remotely. When someone needs to be allowed inside the home, they simply call you and you provide access via your alarm’s smart phone application. For more information, visit WH Security’s Interactive Security Services page.

Motion sensors

Make sure your motion sensors are positioned to avoid accidental triggers. Drafts from fans and air conditioners can blow objects such as balloons and dangling decorations into the sensor’s range of motion and activate your security system’s alarm. You should also keep your pets in rooms without motion detectors or have the sensors angled away from where your pet may cross their view in order to avoid inadvertently setting off a false alarm.

Equipment maintenance

Make sure your equipment is in proper working condition. Check door and window sensors to ensure they are not loose and watch for mechanical alerts on your control panel.

Security system false alarms are sometimes unavoidable, but by following the tips above, you will reduce the chance of false alarms happening. For more information, call a WH Security representative at (763) 477-3664 .