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How do home monitoring security systems work?

Learn how WH Security's home monitoring security systems work.

All security systems, including WH Security's home monitoring security systems, work on the same basic principle of securing the entry points around a property. For example, doors and windows are monitored, as well as interior spaces. A typical home monitoring security system includes:

A control panel: The control panel arms and disarms the home monitoring security system and communicates with the alarm monitoring company.

Door and window sensors: Door and window sensors communicate with the control panel, letting it know that a property's entry points are either safe or unsecure.

Motion sensors, both interior and exterior: Motion sensors protect a given space by creating an invisible zone that cannot be breached without sounding an alarm.

Wired or wireless security cameras: Security cameras can be used to monitor hard-to-see or distant areas of a property. They are also useful in monitoring remote buildings and entry points.

A high-decibel siren or alarm: A high-decibel siren or alarm alerts individuals inside or outside a home that a problem occurred. They are also effective in scaring off burglars and possibly alerting neighbors of an incident.

Yard signs: Yards signs with the home security company's logo convey a message to burglars that your property is protected.

How a home monitoring security system works:

Step 1: A home monitoring security system is installed in your home.

Step 2: Your home security monitoring system will sense activity when it is activated.

Step 3: The high-decibel siren or alarm will sound within your home.

Step 4: This alarm reaches a professional monitoring center (in the case of WH Security, this alarm goes to the WH International Response Center, located in Rockford, MN).

Step 5: The dispatcher in the alarm center will see and respond to the alarm right away.

Step 6: The police will arrive to make sure you and your property are safe.

WH Security provides home security systems that monitory your property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information, call a WH Security specialist at (763) 477-3664 .

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