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Interactive technology that improves lives

Z-wave has become something that all manufacturers want to include in their alarm systems. Here you will find information on how Z-wave takes home security to the next level.

One of the fastest spreading technologies in recent time is Z-wave. Z-wave is a radio frequency (RF) that controls devices by creating what is called a mesh network on the property. A mesh network is built by multiple Z-wave devices communicating together to carry out commands requested by the end user. Manufacturers have introduced Z-wave technology to a wide variety of devices. These devices may include door locks, thermostats, and lighting control devices such as light switches or plug in modules.

Z-wave has become something that all manufacturers want to include in their alarm systems to take interaction to the next level. In the past, basic alarm systems consisted of interior and perimeter protection to monitor your property. This traditional system is quickly evolving into much, much more.

When you add a few Z-wave items to your traditional system you instantly go from simply monitoring your property to interacting with your property from remote locations. With the appropriate amount of devices you can easily remotely lock and unlock your front door, turn on and off a light and turn your heat or AC up or down. With a Z-wave enabled alarm system all of the previous named features can be done simultaneously and/or automatically as you have pre-set. For example, when you walk up to your front door by simply entering your code in the lock to unlock it, your alarm system could disarm, turn on the foyer light and adjust your thermostat to a previously desired setting. More importantly you could absolutely do his with your smart phone with the same results.

You know what they say, “there’s an app for that” and as far as I can tell, they may be right. Virtually all alarm system manufacturers are working on or have come out with systems that are Z-wave enabled. They are making them more appealing by coming up with the most friendly apps. One of the first companies to come out with interactive technology is has partnered up with a company named Interlogix (formerly ITI) to put together a very user-friendly system to allow homeowners to interact with their property.

To me, a Z-wave enabled alarm system, built properly, can be very useful for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it allows you to understand what is going on at home and to be able to control your home’s technology from anywhere with an internet connection.

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