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The benefits of internet protocol (IP) communication

Learn how internet protocol communication can enhance your security system.

In today’s world, we rely heavily on the internet. It provides us with the information we are looking for and allows us to communicate very quickly with one another. One type of internet communication that has been very beneficial to the alarm industry and our clients is Internet Protocol (IP) communication.

With the expansion of IP technology, alarms can use an internet router to communicate information to the security monitoring center. This information travels extremely fast. I’ve installed alarms systems with an IP module and the signals/information gets to the monitoring center literally in a matter of seconds. An IP communicator on your alarm panel is almost like having an instant alarm due to its speed.

IP technology has expanded to the point where we can also have an app on our smart device to control or monitor our home from anywhere with interactive services. Having the ability to interact with my own alarm system is very beneficial to me and my family. Interactive functionality via IP communication allows me to arm or disarm my system and control different features of my home connected through my alarm from a mobile device. I can even add or change user codes from my phone or tablet.

If you’re thinking about switching to an IP communicator or already have, it’s a good idea to have your IP/computer equipment plugged into a good surge protector to prevent power damage. Having an uninterrupted power source or backup power system to help with those short power outages so they don’t hard restart your equipment is also beneficial.

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