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The basics of home security systems

Are you considering home security? The process can be confusing, but doesn't need to be.

Are you considering home security? The process can be confusing, but doesn't need to be. When you request a free quote from WH Security, our security specialists come to your home, walk through your space and work with you to customize a solution to meet all your needs.

Each security system starts with basic intrusion protection. This means protecting your doors and windows and installing motion sensors in rooms where applicable. A traditional system is designed to protect against an intruder trying to gain access into your home. The number of door and window sensors you need depends on the layout of your home and the number of doors and windows you have. These contact sensors use magnets to determine when an entry point is opened. When this happens, your system alerts our 24/7 monitoring center and we reach out to you and, if needed, the authorities.

WH Security can provide many additional add-on services that all sync and work with your home security system. Common add-ons include monitored smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, water sensors and glass break sensors. Sometimes, intruders gain access to a home by breaking windows to avoid setting off entry sensors. This is why glass break sensors are important. They detect the decibel level of glass breaking and alert the monitoring center.

Security cameras are also becoming more common as they allow you to see what’s happening at your property at all times. With our automation services you can access and control your system from your smart phone or smart device. At WH Security, our experts design and install custom home security systems designed just for you! To learn more, give us a call at 763.477.3664 or request a free quote on our website