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App-enabled control of your home

Learn how WH Security can enhance your life by providing environmental sensors, Interactive Security Services and home energy management systems.

A security system from WH Security can enhance your quality of life in a variety of ways. More than just traditional intrusion protection, security systems can also allow you control of various elements in your home such as your thermostat, lights and lights as well as remote home security from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Environmental sensors are a great way to add value to your security system. Add smoke, carbon dioxide, flood and sump pump sensors to your system. If you are at work and your sump pump fails, these sensors will immediately notify you of environmental impacts and you don’t have to return home to a wet basement.

Wireless home automation through WH Security, which we call our Interactive Security Services services, allows you remote home security accesses to your alarm system and certain elements of your home from anywhere you have an Internet connection. With this system you can do many things. With summer weather on the horizon, one key aspect of Interactive Security Services is being able to have mobile thermostat control. From your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer with Internet capability, you can change the temperature of your thermostat to be higher when you are gone, and cooler before your arrive home. This can result in savings on your energy bill. WH Security is the trusted Minnesota provider of home energy management systems. We offer free, no-obligation consultations and can show you the various services we provide. Then you can decide what is right for your home.

Another benefit of Interactive Security Services e-monitoring is being able to check when and if your system has been armed or disarmed. One way this is especially useful is when your kids are due to return home from school at 3 p.m., but you will be at work until 5. You can log into the Interactive Security Services app from work and make sure the system was disarmed when they walked in the door, and then re-armed once they were inside. This can be done through a traditional computer, or through App-enabled control with a smartphone or tablet.

WH Security has a suite of services to offer and has systems that are right for every type of home and situation. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation.