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Business Security

Protecting your storefront, office space or commercial building and employees with a customized, state-of-the-art security system and fast-response alarm monitoring is easy with WH Security. Whether you are at work or away, your custom-built system detects and alerts you of intrusion, fire, environmental hazards and more.


Detect movement inside your business with motion sensors, or be alerted to an open entry point with our door and window sensors. Our 24/7 monitoring center will be alerted to any issue so help can be sent.


Control your security system from anywhere there is an internet connection using your smartphone or tablet. You can also control your door locks, lights and thermostat.

Fire, Flood, Gas & Freeze

Detect and receive notifications for conditions such as heat and smoke from fire, low temperature/freeze, sump pump failure, carbon monoxide, flood/water and power outages with these sensors.


See what's going on inside and outside of your building with our security cameras. You can keep an eye on things from your mobile device and even receive an alert when motion is detected.

Local Monitoring Services

Trained and certified personnel respond to alerts from your system 24/7 and immediately contact you or emergency response services.

WH Security provided my company with many years of solid customer service. Their technicians are outstanding.

Mark Dusbabek
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