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What exactly is a technology sunset and are you prepared?

In February of 2022 AT&T will no longer support 3G cellular communication and will be moving to 4G and 5G only. Current 3G infrastructure is no longer being repaired or replaced by cellular carriers in some areas of the United States, meaning 3G cellular devices could be affected even sooner than February 2022. This technology sunset is happening and will affect the security industry. If your security system communicates via 3G cellular, you will need to make a change. Please give us a call if you an unsure if this impacts you.


Everyone wants the latest and greatest technology and faster connections. To achieve this, mobile carriers replace the cellular infrastructure that is required to operate cell devices to repurpose them for faster and more efficient devices, which is what customers continue to demand. New cellular infrastructure will provide customers with a more robust cellular network with increased capabilities benefitting the mobile devices as well as their security system.

What’s next?

Customers with security systems utilizing 3G communication will be affected by this technology sunset. If your system communicates over the internet (IP) or is already communicating through 4G/5G, you are already set. If not, you’re going to need to make changes on your system or it will no longer send signals to the monitoring center. Adding multiple layers of communication to your system now will help you prepare for the future. We have the latest technology to help in this transition.

What will need to happen?

You have options and WH Security can help you take an old system and make it new again. But don’t wait until you have an emergency on your hands.

WH Security’s top priority is for you to stay monitored and protected. If you will be affected by the technology sunset or are not sure, contact us or give us a call at 763.477.3664. We can check your equipment and let you know whether an upgrade is needed. Stay ahead of the rush and don’t be left behind. We value your continued business and look forward to serving you well into the future.



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