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WH Security Blog

Keep up-to-date with trends and security issues that may impact your home or business.

Why you need water sensors in your home

April 5, 2021 Environmental Hazards

If a leak occurs when you are away from home and the water goes unnoticed for a long time, it can cause potentially catastrophic damage to your home. Water sensors from WH Security can help.

How to avoid email scams

March 10, 2021 Family safety

At WH Security, we help you protect what matters most, which is why we are sharing these tips to help you spot and avoid email scams in your personal or business emails.

Winter safety tips for seniors

February 4, 2021 Personal Safety

Winter brings about many hazards for everyone, bringing winter safety to the forefront of everyone’s mind. But our elderly loved ones can be especially at risk due to snow, ice and freezing temperatures.

Avoid unforeseen costs with service plans

January 11, 2021 Equipment

You can minimize unforeseen costs associated with your security system by signing up for one of our three service plans. 

Safe winter driving tips

December 23, 2020 Family safety

Winter driving can be treacherous and unnerving when streets become covered in snow and ice. You can take extra steps to help make a trip safer.